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[accordion title=’Introduction from Ritu‘]Bonnie and I met in London, through my amazing and inspiring friend Cindy Lai, when the two of them came over to spend a few days with me before we jet off to Sardinia for a fancy Mediterranean holiday. In Sardinia, we bonded. Bonnie told me about her parents, an interracial couple, which was important for me to hear because I’m in an interracial relationship. She told me about her past relationships and her journey towards her own fierce independence. She showed me her intellect and her sense of humour. She may fool you by appearing to be very tough but she is loving and generous, which you will pick up from her honesty. [/accordion]

Hi, my name is Bonnie and I live in New York City.

“To pay my bills” is work in finance (hey, the benefits are better than prostitution…) and it pays for me to pursue my love of studying poetry.

The hardest things I had to do in 2014

Myself… my doubts… my self-limiting thoughts… my self-recriminations… You know, women are hard on themselves, and I’m no exception, but when I changed the internal dialogue with myself it changed the way I viewed the world.

Things have possibilities again in a way they haven’t seemed since I was a kid.

What I learnt from all this

That I can “dig deep”… I heard the best quote recently: “Adulthood is patience, mastery is nine times patience.”

I feel a step closer to becoming a Jedi.

Some accomplishments from 2014 that I’m proud of and happy about…

I was talking to an older woman sometime in 2013… The typical complaining and moaning about how I wasn’t “quite there yet” and my exhaustion with “pushing so hard” and my doubts that swirled around this… She looked at me and said, “You know, you’re doing everything right.”

In 2014 I made it a point to remind myself that I’m doing everything right when I’d get frustrated or down about whatever I’m focusing on. This reminder has made me buoyant in a way I haven’t been in years. I’m happiest about this.

If you are feeling down at this time of year, my tip is

A cocktail? Haha.

In New York, quiet is hard to find. My gift is quiet. Just someplace to sit and not think (aka “obsess”).

If not, find something to make me laugh. I seriously don’t laugh enough nowadays.

My intention for 2015 is

To laugh more. Seriously. I’ve been so focused for so long that I’ve forgotten the wealth of absurdity this thing called living is.

bonnie harlandIn 2015, I am the Queen of The High Road.

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