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[accordion title=’Introduction from Ritu‘]How do I introduce the one woman I look upto most in the entire Universe? How I do introduce the most patient woman who I ever met, someone who I can genuinely say is “more humble than a blade of dried grass”? How do I introduce you, Mum? I wouldn’t do it justice. All I want to say is that one day, I hope to love others the way you have loved me and shown me how to love the world, even those who are mean to you. I pray one day I will become as pure and honourable as you are. I pray that one day I will learn to love God the way you do, in secret, without the need to show anyone. I pray one day, I will be given the grace to be as humble as you. I love you. [/accordion]

I am so proud to feature my Mum on The Lifester. If there is one fearless woman I know, it is her. Despite what life throws at her, she is always able to maintain her dignity and grace, and she does this because she is the most humble person I have ever met (after my Guru).

My queen, aka my Mum, graciously answered my 2015 Queen questions. Here is her wisdom for all of us little Lifesters from the Mama Lifester herself!

The hardest thing I had to overcome in 2014 was

…to keep my patience under difficult circumstances and be positive.

 What this taught me about myself was

…to have trust on my own strength and power.

Some accomplishments from 2014 that I’m happy about

…my spiritual journey to Germany and Ontario Vipassana Center.

If you are feeling down at this time of year, I try

…to have faith in my inner strength and pray to the Almighty God to give me the strength.

My intention for 2015 is

…to know myself more and attain more purity of my mind and soul.

fazila banu lily lifesterIn 2015, I am the Queen of devotion to my Creator.





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