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Hi, my name is Jacinda Meiklejohn and I live in Manly, Sydney – Australia

I teach and empower high achieving women to stop obsessing, and start living with freedom, contentment and ease within their skin. I help women create lifelong changes through inner change so they feel good about their body, their life and who they are so they can get on with living a deeply happy and fulfilling life.

The hardest thing I had to do or overcome in 2014 was…

Let go of a significant relationship and surrender to the pain of the loss without numbing out or trying to fill a void, and instead learning to be with my painful feelings and emotions. I had to choose to find love and kindness for myself in the process.

Starting my business despite not knowing all the steps or all the answers and instead learning to have trust and faith in the unfolding of the journey.

What this taught me about myself

So many learning’s came from both of these experiences… I could be here all day. The biggest thing it taught me was to be grateful for my emotions as they are a powerful source of information, letting me know when I am in or out of alignment with my highest self. For a large part of the year I was out of alignment and I wouldn’t have realised this had I not been through that. This perspective allows me to be grateful for what was and all that happened last year.

I learnt how to truly embody what it means to love myself, take care of myself, and be kind and compassionate to myself as well as learning to stop and really listen to what is best for me. I learnt that through choosing new thoughts and a new perspective I can change my whole experience of life even when things were hard, and move through pain to a place of joy, contentment and ease.

Some accomplishments from 2014 that I’m happy about

Taking the big leap to start my business. Creating my website with no prior skills. Learning to understand and master my emotions and my mindset.

Learning to love who I am and saying yes to myself and taking responsibility for my life.  

And, completing 2 x half Ironman triathlons.

If you are feeling down at this time of year, my tip is…

Embody an attitude of appreciation. Start small. Each day, think of and write down all of the things you appreciate, especially when it’s hard. It might just be as simple as appreciating your ears that allow you the beauty of experiencing sound or your lungs that allow you to breathe or the running water. Not only write it but connect to the feeling of appreciation, gratitude and thankfulness in your body. Do this every single day first thing in the morning and again at night (bonus points when you start doing it without thinking during the day) and you will start to feel better quickly. Do this combined with a decision to do things that bring you joy and feel the appreciation for these things and your spirits can only raise higher and as a result you will feel better.

My intention for 2015

My intention for 2015 is based on my core desired feelings (based on the work of Dannielle La Porte’s Desire Map). My intention is to embody how I want to feel which will align me to be focused and creative in my business and healthy, alive and joyful in my life every day.

These are the feelings/words that are guiding me this year

  • Appreciation
  • Presence
  • Surrender & Allowing
  • Joyful & Playful
  • Alignment

jacinda miniIn 2015, I am the Queen of  Appreciation

When I inspire someone to take the next step towards living the life they want to live, I feel Royal.


Connect with Jacinda:

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On Facebook: Jacinda Wilhelmina

On Twitter: @jacindawm

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