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Hi, my name is Ritu Ashrafi and I live in Sydney.

I am the writer behind this blog, The Lifester. My biggest passion is being an Atma Kriya Yoga and meditation teacher and I also love digital marketing and I get to do that at a big online travel company in Australia.

The hardest things I had to do in 2014

…was getting losing my “dream job” of leading marketing at a tech startup, and then trying to establish myself as a self-employed online entrepreneur by teaching meditation online. These were such difficult challenges and crushed my ego to shreds.

What I learnt from all this

The first big lesson I learned about myself came from being laid off. If you have ever gone through this experience, you know that it is a big blow to your pride and ego. It is quite humiliating to be honest. After that, trying to support myself financially only through my meditation teaching, online and offline, was another thing that brought me down to earth. I learned that supporting yourself entirely on your own takes a long time and a lot of effort. It is a multiple year journey, and something tells me it will take three years. Luckily, year one has just passed. Hello 2015!

Some accomplishments from 2014 that I’m proud of and happy about…

I am beyond proud of having given 3 big meditation workshops in Manly, Australia this year! Manly is a beach-side suburb of Sydney where I live. This was so scary and I had to face a million fears to make these happen including promoting them, preparing for them and ultimately delivering the workshops. I am also really happy about launching my first online meditation course in 2014 called Simply Meditation Online.

If you are feeling down at this time of year, my tip is

Surround yourself with positive people! Reading and doing positive things are also good, but nothing will beat the company of positive people in person or virtually. Connect with people within your family and friend circle that inspire you and reach out to strangers who inspire you as well. And tell them your world is better because they are in it.

My intention for 2015 is

To serve as many people as possible. This year I would love to help as many wonderful people amplify their message for the world as far and wide as possible, using everything I’ve learnt about marketing, communicating and serving others.

RITU ashrafi 2015 queen lifester

In 2015, I am the Queen of Service.




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