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Hi, my name is Sammy Davis and I live in New York City.

I’m an inspirational speaker and author with the mission to empower all women to feel powerful, beautiful & special. My purpose is to help people feel good and guided in life by teaching and celebrating positive energy to fuel conscious creation!

My book, LOVE YOUR LIFE! is testament to my mission. The book’s 7 secrets to positive thinking + law of attraction help you to transform how you look at things so that the things you look at chance. The book literally is a road map to understanding how to vibrate at the energy of that which you wish to create in the world. 

As an inspirational speaker, my goal is to spread the enlightenment of giving, being and believing what you wish to receive. We are here to love and be loved. When we remember this, anything is possible, and we truly have nothing to fear.

The hardest things I had to do in 2014

The hardest thing I had to overcome was uncertainty about my life purpose.

In 2013 I had an awakening where, during a transformational exercise I experienced, I realized that my purpose was intertwined with “God, Church, Spirit.” In fact, during the exercise, I found myself crying hysterically saying these words!

Having been raised in a household where God was not part of the conversation and church was only experienced through visiting my more religious, fellowship-driven cousins, I was quite confused, to the say the least, about crying over “God, Church, Spirit.”

But in the past few years I had been growing my own relationship with the Divine and it was, honestly, driving me crazy wondering “what that relationship was supposed to be in my own work.”

Following this realization of 2013, the winter/spring of 2014 marked an emotionally tumultuous time for me, as I spent my solitude musing on the meaning of life, how to work through God and ultimately, the question of “Am I supposed to be a spiritual leader?” These questions often led me to cry or take action through writing letters, praying, meditating and just continuing to relax in this state of “not knowing.”

What this taught me about myself

The experience of questioning my relationship with God and purpose as a spiritual leader led me to realize the most important thing I’ve realized all year which is that love is what I teach, and I don’t “need” an answer from God, or spirit guides, or angels, or anything to know, do and joyfully do that!

But it did take the entire year of questioning and asking for clear cut answers to come to this place.

And along that journey I learned a lot about this place of spiritual discomfort which has inspired my work as an inspirational speaker and leader of love.

They say your mess is your message – and so whatever mess we go through eventually helps us to clean up that same thing of someone else. And it is while helping others that we are truly unified to feel the gift of “oneship” with humanity.

Some accomplishments from 2014 that I’m proud of and happy about…

In 2014 I tackled big fears in order to declare to myself and the universe that I was ready to step into the person my heart ached to be.

The biggest accomplishments of 2014 were choosing to leave to NYC and live in Los Angeles by the beaches of Venice for three months. I had no reason to move there other than to experience the west coast (a bucket list goal of mine) and to open myself to the possibilities of a more spiritual community.

And to grow, of course!

I also chose to have some very tough conversations with members of my family discussing various topics which, when “brought into the open” cleared space for us to have more authentic, genuine relationships.

While living in Los Angeles, I chose to relaunch my brand under the URL domain of SammyD.TV. Previously I had been an influencer of thrift/secondhand/vintage fashion, and in recognizing the next chapter of my life knew that I had to “take the leap of faith” and let go of the old to make way for the new.

Finally: I chose to stand for my belief that my spiritual partner, co-creator, passionate lover and fellow life-walker was here! I “dated” one man and when he called to “hang out” again that summer, I had the conscious (but tough!) conversation with him surrounding “what he wanted, and what I wanted.”

It turns out we weren’t in alignment, and thanks to this truth being spoken to one another we were able to walk away with love. I met one other eligible bachelor this fall, but when we kissed and I didn’t “feel it” I kindly let him know I was only interested in being friends.

In standing for what I want and maintaining energy for myself, I am assured that the “one” will emerge and, because of my clear, pure space in heart and mind, I will be able to see him. It’s difficult to be patient but trust me… patience is the answer for all of our needs to be authentically and effortlessly met.

If you are feeling down at this time of year, my tip is

When I’m feeling down, it’s usually based on negative self talk. Even in moments of exhaustion or confusion I can choose to “shift” from feeling less than to always enough!

In order to do this we must channel our real life best friends. We get to think, “How would our own best friends be speaking to us right now? How can I speak, appreciate and support myself like my ‘real life’ best friend?”

Once you have that answer, choose those words and as much as you can remember, speak that language to yourself each and everyday, and especially in the moments you may find yourself at a vibrational low.

My intention for 2015 is to…

To become the highest paid motivational speaker under the age of 30. I will have traveled the country – expenses paid – to inspire and breathe life into people at universities, non profits, prisons, Girl Scout troops, educational programs, you name it! I will teach people that they can change their lives with their minds. I will become the spokesperson for positive thinking.


In 2015, I am the Queen of Positive Energy!

Connect with Sammy:

On her official website: SammyD.TV

On Facebook: Sammy D

On Twitter: @sammydavistv

On Instagram (must follow! this is gold!) @sammydtv

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