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Hi, I am Vanessa Feliciano, and most folks call me Vana.

I’m a Time Tailor. I teach overworked, overwhelmed and under rested women how to use reflection as a time management tool. I teach them that’s it possible to find freedom inside and beyond their to do list.

The hardest thing I had to do or overcome in 2014 was…

Self doubt.

What this taught me about myself was…

That I can trust myself and my feelings a lot more than I was willing to admit.

Some accomplishments from 2014 that I’m happy about

  • Joining a master mind group. I dream and scheme with 3 amazing women who have changed me for the better.
  • Redesigning my site to feel 100% like me with the help of my Adobe Illustrator skills 🙂
  • Learning Adobe Indesign.
  • Teaching my step-son how to make French Toast.
  • Celebrating 4 years with my love.

If you are feeling down at this time of year, my tip is…

Be willing to find the lesson & the blessing inside everything. Allow yourself the space to figure out how you really want to spend your days & take one small action everyday to bring it to life.

And if you mess-up, and yes you will mess up, take a step back and a breath in. A new moment is just around the corner.

My intention for 2015

To listen closely
To trust the process
To laugh a lot
To feel expressed

VANAIn 2015, I am the Queen of Going with the Flow.



Connect with Vana:

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On Twitter: @vanafeliciano

On Instagram: @vanafeliciano


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