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You want to meditate but every time you sit down to meditate, your mind starts going a hundred miles an hour and you get more stressed out that you were before you even started!

In this video, I talk about three essential meditation tips that will help you to calm your mind and get through the meditation you want to do.

Meditation is a hot new thing to do now, but it’s been around for thousands of years. This is not something new but just like thick eyebrows and hipster moustaches, it is coming back into fashion. And this is a good thing!

The world needs meditation.

Why? Because when people meditate, the consciousness of the entire community around that person rises. When enough people meditate, a blanket effect is created on the entire population and everyone benefits. The planet, Mother Earth also benefits because meditation is healing for our environment as well as our brain and our body.

If you are trying to meditate and your brain just won’t shut up, here are three things you can try out.

Three meditation tips to calm your brain down

I’m a meditation teacher and I teach Atma Kriya Yoga meditation and also Simply Meditation. I’ve also been meditating almost every single day for that last three years. For someone who has the discipline of a lazy cat, that’s a big deal. When you try to meditate daily for such a long time, you get to experience all the resistance that comes up during meditation. 

For someone who has the discipline of a lazy cat, that’s a big deal. When you’ve been trying to meditate daily for such a long period of time, you would have experienced all the resistance that comes up to meditation. 

I’m simply sharing the top three things that have helped me to meditate regularly throughout all this time.

Be a little bit stubborn when it comes to meditation

The first thing to try if your mind just won’t shut up when you try to meditate is to sit there and be stubborn about it. Don’t let yourself give up and get up. Just try to get through five minutes, no matter what comes up.

If you give in to the loud chatter in your brain, then you won’t get anywhere.

But, this comes with the absolutely essential second part, which is to be gentle and kind to yourself.

Meditation is about being kind to yourself

If you are willing to give it a try and be stubborn enough to sit through at least five minutes of meditation a day, it is absolutely necessary to be gentle on yourself as well.

This means, not being mean to yourself, not saying mean things to yourself in your head and being patient and loving to yourself just for trying.

Love meditation and meditate for love

Finally, the third tip I have is to incorporate LOVE into your meditation. This is the key to meditation.

An easy way to do this is to think of a loving memory, a memory in which you experienced unconditional love. Once you have that, start your meditation.

I hope these tips help you to have a regular meditation practice, no matter how loud your mind gets when you try to meditate. 

But before you go off and get into your zone, I want to hear from you. What is the biggest challenge for you when you try to meditate? It could be anything, like maybe someone in the house is distracting you, or you just can’t get comfortable or something else throws you off. 

I want to know! So put in the comments below the biggest challenge you have when you try to meditate.

And check out my free 5 day meditation course here.

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Hope to see you in there!



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