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In this video, I talk about OM Chanting and why it’s so awesome. What I don’t talk about on the YouTube though is the actual transformation I went through because of the consistent practice of OM Chanting.

As you know from my blog, I moved to Australia at the beginning of 2014. The Universe somehow arranged for me to give my first OM Chanting Workshop at a yoga studio and from that, I was offered a weekly time slot to hold regular OM Chantings at the same studio.

What I didn’t share in this video is that change that OM Chanting initiated in me and led me through. When I first moved to Australia my priorities were my relationship, my social life, my living standard, the nightlife, and my social standing. By the time I left Australia one year later, I was almost ready to live a much simpler life and renounce the “outer world” preferring to focus within instead. At the beginning of that year, I was drinking often and by the end of the year, I completely quit drinking alcohol. I went from being in the world to retreating from it completely. I kind of gave it all up and retreated back home to Toronto.

My transformation was maybe a bit too extreme and it’s probably because of the fact that I was consistently attending OM Chanting circles every single week for almost 11 months. I was also doing my Atma Kriya Yoga meditation every day in addition to the fact that I was very far away from home and that makes you introspective. Not everyone has the same intensity in their personal transformation as I did but whether you see it or not, trust that you are going through a significant transformation every single time you participate in OM Chanting.

OM Chanting burns karma, and it is extremely purifying for you as you chant, for all the participants and also for the entire area around the circle. You are transformed every single time you attend an OM Chanting circle. You are not the same person as when you started a circle as after it is over, and this is true every single time you attend an OM Chanting, whether it is your first time or your 365th time.

I invite you to join an OM Chanting circle and experience it for yourself. Find a circle near you here:


  • madhavadas says:

    Om Chanting is awesome! I do Om chanting every week here in Toronto. It has also transformed my life. It gives me a chance to serve others, and serve mother nature too. I feel calm, grateful and really fulfilled after every Om Chanting <3


    • Ritu says:

      Thanks so much for your comment, Madhavadas. I hope OM Chanting reaches many more people as the world needs it now more than ever. It really has the power to uplift an area, a community, and the environment.

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