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I taught a meditation workshop for the first time in Sydney. It was an Om Healing Workshop and the topic was “The Meaning of Om” and was held at Qi Yoga Freshwater. Here’s the description of it:

The Meaning of Om

OM is the primordial sound creating and pervading the whole universe. The meaning of Om is extremely rich, complex and deep – this workshop will teach you the meaning of Om, the power of this vibration and its significance in yoga.

After learning about the meaning of Om, we will practice a group meditation called Om Healing together where we sit in a circle and chant Om for 50 mins. It’s an incredible experience and this is the first Om Healing circle ever held in Sydney.

Cost: $40 ($45 at the door)

The lead up

I finished my Atma Kriya Yoga teacher training in early 2014 so I was itching to start teaching as soon as I could. After my move to Sydney, Australia in early March, I jumped in on the hunt to find a place to teach right away. Somehow, the universe guided me to Qi Yoga in Manly and I just felt that something was right, something clicked, something about it felt good. After speaking to the amazing Mark who runs Qi, I got a slot to teach a workshop on April 13th.

The preparation

Qi Yoga kindly helped a lot with marketing the event by sending it out to their members by email and promoting it on Facebook by creating an event for it. As you can see, 1.6K people were invited to the event! Pretty cool, huh?


On top of studying my notes to be able to deliver a great workshop, I took to Instagram and Facebook to promote the workshop. I asked some local friends to post the event on their pages as well.

facebook promotion meditation

The big day of the Freshwater workshop

I woke up with butterflies but I knew it would go well. After a few panicked moments getting everything ready, I started walking over to the venue.

freshwater beachThis photo was taken on my actual walk to the studio. #paradise

In class

I had the blessing and guidance from my teachers through the whole thing I need to give them acknowledgement and a shout out for it. Thank you Guruji and thank you Babaji!

sri swami vishwananda and  mahavatar babaji

The walk back from class

I was definitely on a “post teaching bliss” after the workshop and everything I saw looked surreal and beautiful. This is what I spotted on my walk back from the class.

freshwater beach  - meditation - om healing australia

freshwater  waterfall - om healing australia

do  more of what makes you happy - coffee freshwater

om shree gurubhyo namaha -  om healing australia

If you want to learn meditation in Sydney, Get in touch with me by email! I teach meditation in Manly, Freshwater and Sydney CBD or through my contact page. And SIGN UP for my newsletter so that I can email you the dates of my upcoming courses.

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