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What I love about people who are on the up is, well, that they are headed upwards.

It’s so inspiring to see someone when they are in growth mode, when they are evolving, when they are discovering what it is WITHIN them that is great and slowly are uncovering it, letting it shine out.

I know a few of those people.

I also know a few people who have already passed one phase of growth – and now they aren’t looking to grow themselves anymore. Instead, they are now looking to grow a “thing”. These are the entrepreneurs who have made one dream come true and are now absorbed fully making that dream a reality.

If you fall into the 2nd category, I have a few tough love questions for you. Do me a favour and ask yourself: How is all your hard work helping YOU? What is all this work you are putting in teaching you about YOURSELF? Not much. I think you are getting a lot done in business but I also think that your are  just spinning your wheels. You are putting in a lot of effort but where are you headed?

Ask yourself, “Where am I headed? To the future? To big things?” You may agree with me or not but the biggest thing you need to work towards is your SELF. It’s their self that you should be growing up to. Not some business. Not some goal. Not some outcome. You should be more concerned about your income – but not money.

Ask yourself, “What is coming into me? What knowledge is becoming a part of me? What experiences am I gaining? What knowing do I now have from all this work and all these experiences? What insight do I have? What is inside of me that I now see a little bit more clearly?”

When you can appreciate what is incoming, can you TRULY GIVE.

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