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My spiritual teacher, my Guruji, Sri Swami Vishwananda said this amazing thing on Twitter today. I feel like he read my mind, even though he is in South Africa at the moment, because I needed to hear this exact thing today. I’ve had one of those days when you just wake up sad and even though everything in life is just as it should be, there is a sense of loss that you just can’t shake. I’ll tell you the story why.

Crossroads in your career

I’m at a crossroads in my career. For 7 years, I have had a super exciting career in online advertising. My job took me to NYC and London for work and all the adventures that resulted from living in those cities were made possible by my job. At the same time, I’m asking myself whether this career is the best use of my unique gifts and talents.

To paint you a picture of this “crossroads” get this; last night I stayed up till 1am, madly reading articles about marketing analytics, sales conversions and business success stories. Then I finally peeled myself away from the screen, and still had to get ready for bed and do my daily meditation so I didn’t hit the pillow till 2am.

This is not normal.

Just at this moment of crisis, I check my Guruji’s Twitter and this is what he says.

“If 1 cannot #utilize whatever 1 have receive from #God in a proper way which he have #bless with his #grace, then why does 1 search for that which 1 think he haven’t given to all, the lord create this #universe as an expansion of his love n grace upon all ,he created the elements 4 all of us he have given us this #body ,hand, feet ,mouth, eyes ect the #intellect n the #mind n the #power 2 #discriminate all is only his due 2 his #Grace n #Mercy he half of all of us be #grateful n use all in a #proper way like that 1 will have the #divine #knowledge which is ever present in this #physical #body into which all his #cosmic #Leela is #possible at all #time 1 who have the no urge for #seeking the #real #truth is as good as being #dead, 1 can find ever #lasting #peace n #supreme #satisfaction only in God nothing’s else,those who had spend their life in #doing things which is others than #finding #God #realize when it too late in life that they have been #climbing the wrong tree , the #earlier 1 turn toward #spirituality n #seek the #Love n #Grace of #God the more #blissful 1 become in #life”

Using your unique gifts and talents in your life’s mission

There are so many incredible things you can do in your life and you SHOULD do to make sure you are using your natural gifts and talents to the max value. I mean, that’s what Marie Forleo is always preaching, right? “The world needs that special something only you have.”

Marie is right.

And so is my Guruji.

He is right that until we use our gifts and talents to REALIZE our SELVES, all our efforts will feel empty. At least, it feels like that for me and I can only speak from experience.

Let’s not waste time. Let’s go full steam, will our all, towards the one thing we want most, whatever it is for each of us.



Image Source: Guruji’s FB page

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