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Lifester Expert interview series is back with Alison Monday, the founder and driver behind This website is where I go when I need to feel light, get inspired and learn something at the same time.

I’m so honoured to be able to interview Alison because I admire her. It’s like a bit of an internet crush. And this interview was my way to secretly ask her all my burning questions. I actually told her that in my pitch email, seriously.

This is secretly my chance to ask you all the questions I’ve been dying to know the answers to like, were you always into working for yourself or was it something specific that made you go that way, did you ever doubt yourself because from your work it doesn’t seem that way, if you were me, who would you be dying to interview and where did you learn to write the way you do because it’s awesome!

In this video, Alison shares her story of how she became a successful entrepreneur, what she does to fight self-doubt, her tips of great writing and who she would interview if the camera was turned around. I recommend taking notes as you watch this, there is priceless advice in this video.

After you watch this, head over to her site to see how she puts her advice into action.

My three biggest takeaways from this interview were:

  1. Make yourself a Sticker Folder where you go to get a boost when you are having a moment of self-doubt; from the 11:20 minute mark in the video.
  2. It’s OK to hire a copywriter even if you think you are decent at writing. The permission it will give you to write like YOU is worth more than the cost to hire the copywriter; from the 15:35 min mark.
  3. Setting a timer to have crappy moments as well as good moments. Hey, it’s OK to have a moan, but just keep it within a time container (paraphrased in my words); from the 13:50 min mark.

Check out her awesome site and find her on Instagram and Twitter @tinyblueorange.

Do you have any questions for us? Put it in a comment below and we’ll make sure we answer it.



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