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I had the amazing opportunity to take Alexandra Franzen’s Write Yourself into Motion workshop in Sydney this weekend. It was one of those transformational experiences in which you change on a molecular level. This type of transformation happens when things shifts within you that will forever make you think differently from that point on. This type of transformation happens on the soul level, not just the body, mind or “this lifetime” level. And it is a big blessing that not everyone gets and the lessons stick for many lifetimes.

There were so many deep learnings in the workshop; simply calling it “training” would be a lie. Alex tried her best to turn us, her students, into writers on our own right, instead of allowing us to be dependent on her for good writing. She inspired us to see our real potential for greatness, because her eyes see that version of us already. She inspired us to acknowledge just how monumental and world-changing our missions are, because in her eyes, we have already changed the world. This type of insight into another human being comes only from a place of utter and tremendous love and each and every single woman at the workshop felt this love pouring out from Alex.

On the last day, I had to leave the workshop early to go teach my weekly meditation class at the local yoga studio and as I left, I was filled with such sadness. I said to myself “I have sadness.” That’s literally how I felt. I knew I was leaving from an experience that I will never have again. It reminded me of the kind of feeling you get when you are in a cab speeding away from the man you just broke up with knowing that you will never have a moment with him ever again. And even if you tried to patch it up and find him again, it wouldn’t be the same. The moments in the workshop were filled with so much love, so much generosity, so much humility and so much respect that it felt like a once in a lifetime love story. Precious, rare and momentary.

Thank you Alex, from the bottom of my heart, for seeing in us what we don’t even see in ourselves yet. Thank you for the love that you give away so freely. Thank you for the respect you give us and thereby teach us how to respect ourselves. Thank you for the humility you show, which is just another way that you show your love. We love you so much and the world is a better place because you exist.

With love,

Write Yourself into Motion, Class of October 2014, Sydney

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