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I met a cool blogger/editor/traveler and Londoner recently at The Hub Islington (thanks Pri for introducing me to the Hub) by the name of Jordi.

Jordi runs an awesome website called where he writes about the best events in London, dating and love life in the city and other cool things. In his words, he writes about “what life’s really like through the eyes of a straight, single metrosexual male.” Love it, I’ve always been curious…

He also has a full time job on top of running a web publication, throwing parties and traveling all around Europe. So, we got chatting at The Hub during my first month of trial self-employment and he gave me some invaluable tips and words of advice. Here’s what he said (in my words).

30 Something Advice Number 1 | Having a full time job is a good thing for your dream

[themecolor]My take on it:[/themecolor] A full time job frees you up financially. So you can go and spend your free time on the things you really want to do. It also gives you stability and a solid ground to stand on while you chase your dreams instead of being up in the clouds.

30 Something Advice Number 2 | Surround yourself with other creative and motivated people

[themecolor]My take on it:[/themecolor] A place like The Hub, where creative and conscious entrepreneurs share space and cowork is good place to put yourself. In my opinion, creative people feed off each other and elevate each other to keep their productivity going in high gear. When you start feeling a bit down on yourself, call up a friend who is creative and just have a chat. You will both walk away buzzing.

Thirtysomething London is throwing an Anti-Valentine’s Day Kids party which has The Lifester seal of approval. You can find the details here.

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