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A friend of mine asked me this recently:

Hey Ritu! I want to learn to meditate. You seem to talk on and on about it, so tell me, how do I do it?

I was WAITING for her to ask me! In fact, I am WAITING SO IMPATIENTLY for all of you to ask me, “How do I meditate?” 

This is what I told my friend:

There are a hundred meditation techniques out there so pick a class and just commit to it. Book your spot. Pay the free in ADVANCE. Take away any excuse that might stop you from going on the course.

  • Your ego WILL come up and try to throw things in your way to block you from getting your butt to class and learning to meditate, because through meditation, your ego will slowly die and it definitely doesn’t want to die.

The key thing is to try to learn to DO IT BY YOURSELF, at home, in your room. You shouldn’t be dependent on an MP3 or someone guiding you (although you can download my free meditation to give you a taste of how amazing it can be). Look into Atma Kriya yoga meditation if you want to learn a meditation that is all about LOVE and is incredibly transformational.

That’s what I do.

Good luck and if you want regular tips about meditation and updates from me, sign up to my newsletter below!

Lots of love,


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