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Some of us who try to teach from our hearts only, we tend to look down on someone who doesn’t “feel” the love or the teachings in the same way as us.

This is not compassion or kindness at all.

The better way is for us to try and change our way of teaching or talking to make it easier for someone else to learn. If the student or listener is a thinker and analytical or logical person, for us to teach with logic. If the student is a feeler, then for us to teach with feeling.

Who are we to know who this person in front of us really is? Our student could end up becoming the biggest teacher in the world. Our student could end up being our guru. It happened to Ramanujacharya’s Guru, Yadava Prakash.

Don’t look down upon someone who doesn’t see the world exactly the same as you. Instead, equip yourself so that you can see the world through their eyes when needed so you can serve them in a way that will actually help them.

*This post is an excerpt from a chat I had with a friend who asked me a question related to this Thinking Bhakti podcast by Bhakti Marga: listen to it here.

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