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As Mastin Kipp says in his blog post “…with every class also comes the criticism. I’ve gotten used to criticism, because I believe that it’s healthy for anyone who is teaching this stuff to be criticized – or maybe not criticized, but at least questioned and not believed just because they say something.”

But it is still a hard pill to swallow. At least for me.

As I become more clear on my thoughts and beliefs, things are going to get harder. As my success grows, my voice will get louder when I happily shout out my accomplishments and achievements! As my clarity in explaining my thoughts become sharper, I will encounter just as clear and strong a resistance to these ideas from other people.

As I put more of my personality into my work, the attack on my work will feel more personal.

As my voice gets louder, so will the voices of those who resist me.

As my reach gets wider, I will encounter resistance from far and wide instead of my immediate safe circle of encouraging and loving friends.

And I will have to prepare for this battle because there is no option left for me but to be my real self. There is no option left other than to shout at the top of my voice about what is beautiful to me, ideas that I believe in and cheer-lead for the immense potential in people who I work with. I have no option left but to fight.

My Atma Kriya teacher Karuna says about her personal battles: “this is a battle I consciously choose, even though it will be soul crushingly hard at times because the cause is worth it.”  I couldn’t agree more.

I am looking forward to harder battles.


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