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Yes, I made that word up – Magnimocity. I think Alexandra Franzen’s style is rubbing off on me! It’s along the same lines as Magnanimity in case you want to look that up.

Anyway, I am currently listening to The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck, M.D. as an audiobook and in the section where he is talking about miracles. He says that miracles are paranormal things that happen, things outside of the rules of nature. Miracles are making a decision without not knowing why only to find out moments later or months later the exact significance and magnitude of that decision.

It is outside of nature’s rules because logic would say “take an eye for an eye”. It is miraculous when I’ve lost my eye to someone yet choose to love them anyway. It is miraculous when I have had my heart broken so many times by my dad by things he said yet choose to love him anyway.

This is outside of nature’s law. This is illogical. This is a miracle.

They were just little “dad things” he had said that I misunderstood in my teen years and my parents’ relationship not working out, etc. but I held on to my grievances with dear life.

A year ago, I couldn’t love him. The Ritu of just a few months ago would yell at me now, wanting to shake me and scream “How can you forget? How can you forgive? How can you let it go? Why do you not realize that it is unfair? He can’t get off so easy! You have to be meaner! You have to punish by withholding your forgiveness and by withholding your love!”

And today’s Ritu would respond “But that does not serve me. My purpose is forgiveness. My purpose is to love, especially my dad! I will not let this situation get in the way of me fulfilling my purpose. (Can you tell that I have been reading Lesson 68 of A Course in Miracles?)

To me, this is a miracle and I performed it. How cool is that? I bent the law of nature. I chose to forgive instead of hold a grievance towards my dad.

What grudge are you holding on to with dear life today? Is that serving you at all? Is it harming you more than helping you? By being angry or upset or sad about someone, are you doing them a favour? Are you doing yourself a favour? Probably not.

I would love to hear about one tiny grievance you are holding and how you imagine letting it go. How does it feel? I want to hear your story – it is an important one! Tell me all about it in the comments below or email me at thelifesterinfo(at)


  • Abida says:

    Reading this made me feel like I was looking at a reflection of my soul. It’s amazing how different you and I are, yet can experience such deep emotions of resentment, hurt, pain, love, joy and happiness. Thank you for sharing! Knowing someone else can go through life experiences that are almost parallel gives me the courage and inspiration to move forward with my life while leaving behind the negativity that plagued my life for so long. Continue to be an inspiration, you truly are amazing!

    • Ritu Ashrafi says:

      Thanks for such a beautiful comment. It takes serious strength in a woman to expose her vulnerabilities. You are so strong babe, and I always sort of knew that. And you taught me how to drop it down on the dancefloor!
      It’s time us girls let go of crap that is dragging us down so that we can be the superstars we were born to be! xxoo

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