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This is the email I wrote for my mailing list while on vacation with very limited access to the internet. I wrote it from my iPhone thinking it would reach everyone on my mailing list (which is very special to me and very very important) but it didn’t go out properly. I did try though and wanted to share it with you anyway. Without further ado, I present:

The unsent email…

I am writing to you from my iPhone sitting in front of a restaurant with free wifi while on vacation. It’s past midnight and I’m alone but I’m here writing because last week I said in my email “see you next week” and it was killing me to know that I might not be able to keep my word because I’m disconnected from the Internet.

I haven’t always been like this and haven’t kept my word in the past. I am human and I still am not able to keep my word every single time. The difference is that now, this time around, I was willing to go way out of my way to keep my word because it is important to me.

How far do you go to keep your word? To keep a promise? You promised yourself that you would start that blog this month. What steps did you take toward it? You told everyone you will be running a half marathon this fall. Have you started preparing yet by joining a running club?

When it comes to keeping or breaking a promise, it is often easiest to break a promise to yourself. I think it also hardest to break a promise to yourself because you have let yourself down in a way. If you are not going to keep your word to yourself then isn’t it contradictory to expect others to keep their word to you?

In my opinion you deserve to be treated right and loved, most of all by you, and once you start doing that EVERY TIME, others don’t have the room to be any less than that to you.

Keep your word, to yourself foremost. Go to the end of the world to do it. See how the world responds.



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