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How do you keep doing that thing which you are supposed to do with excitement when you are actually depressed on the inside? How do you smile and keep greeting your customers when underneath you don’t even know why you are working and your motivation is gone? How do you give your partner a kiss and be loving when you are hurting inside?

It’s not easy and you may want to give up but in those tough situations, you have to almost drag yourself through it for the benefit of others.

For example, greeting your customer with a smile. Don’t you think that your customer who is innocent and oblivious to your hard time still deserves decent service? And your partner. Doesn’t he deserve a loving smile and kiss from you because maybe his day was worse than yours? And your business or project that you so enthusiastically started and gotten a couple of people involved in, don’t those people deserve not to be let down by you?

I’m not saying that you should put yourself second to them, but what you need to do is acknowledge them and their needs  and use them for your motivation. Again, be careful not to place yourself second, be gentle with yourself and your needs but utilize someone else’s need and your desire to take care of their needs as your motivation to keep going.

Do you have a moment or a few days of weakness that you can remember? I’m sure you do. How did you keep yourself going despite the emotionally difficult time you were in? I’d love to know.

Keep on Going - Danielle LaPorte

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  • Naomi says:

    I’ve got back from travelling six months and now looking for a completely new job which has been exciting, daunting and also making me feel lost at the same time. I’ve really liked your last two posts because its made me realise to just keep going, I should utilise the time that I have for my own project and feel grateful for all the people around me. This is especially towards my boyfriend who is currently slaving away for our first month’s rent and deposit. I’ll get on with what I need to do! Thanks for your positive messages!

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