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We all have FOMO – fear of missing out. My favourite female writer, Alexandra Franzen wrote a very helpful post dealing with this topic; it’s a must read.

FOMO affects me differently to Alex. I’m not workaholic but I am always in fear of missing out on what the other “cool kids” are doing. It happened recently and very strongly and that’s why I talk about how to deal with Fear Of Missing Out in this video.

The “signs from the Universe” video that I mentioned in the video is here.

Read that blog post as well: Signs from the Universe

So how can you deal with FOMO? You can use these affirmations to help yourself get over your FOMO.

“I am exactly where I’m supposed to be.”

“The reason why I’m missing out on that thing is because it has made room for something better and bigger to come into my life.”

“The Universe has my back and it has its own reasons for making me miss that event. I trust that it’s a good thing – in the long run.”

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