How to deal with friends you don’t like anymore

You have to deal with a friend you don’t like anymore. Don’t worry, it happens to most people. It’s natural that as you grow and evolve, you will drift apart from some friends and make new friends who are different.

Does this sound familiar? You have someone in your life who used to be a good friend but then something happened, something is off now and it doesn’t feel the same. It could simply be because the karma between they two of you is over.

But you are trying to still hang out and are polite with each other. Well, here is why you shouldn’t pretend to like each other when deep inside, you both know that you don’t like each other.

Don’t waste any more time on this “friendship”! Want to know why?

Here are 3 ways to deal with a friend you don’t like anymore

You are both feeling awkward towards each other so it’s better not to pretend.

Look, there is a good chance that your friend is feeling awkward about this too, just as much as you. Even though you both are pretending you want to meet up and catch up, you both are really not up for it. If you are feeling it, she is too. So save both of yourselves the awkwardness.

Your friend might be bad-mouthing you behind your back.

She is probably saying bad things about you to other people behind your back. Why would you want to hang out with someone like that? You are probably also being fake by being all smiley and cordial and polite. Stop it. Being fake is not a good thing. It’s not a good look. Don’t do it.

Trust your gut feeling about your friend.

If you are feeling weird, just don’t go ahead with your plans to meet up with a friend you don’t like anymore. LISTEN to that FEELING in your GUT that is like, “Eew, I really don’t want to see her but I feel like I have to.”

NO. you don’t have to do anything.

Tell her that you can’t see her. Make up an excuse if you have to. She will understand, and you both will be better for it.

Want to know How To BreakUp With A Friend? Watch the video on this post.

Now a question for you: Do you have a friend who you’re not totally sure if you want to see again but because of politeness you kind of are going along with it? If yes, then put it in the comment below why you feel you have to see her.

Once you write it out, it will help you to decide actually whether you want or need to see her or not.

How to deal with a friend you don't like anymore.


Ritu is an Atma Kriya Yoga and meditation teacher. A long time blogger and writer, she writes about personal development, spirituality, and meditation.

4 thoughts on “How to deal with friends you don’t like anymore

  1. I feel like we are growing apart but she is very emotional so I don’t know how to tell her I don’t like her

    1. If you are growing apart, then let the distance grow even more. stop hanging out as much and eventually, you will be in each other’s lives even less . maybe you won’t even have to tell her that you don’t like her anymore and she’ll just get the message.

  2. Last year, I had this friend at work that I felt so much connection with. It’s like if someone “sees” me, I tend to like that person a lot. She was like that. We then viber each other, share inspiring thoughts, and then after several meetings I was feeling so much more connection and I don’t know why but I felt scared somewhere while I learned more about her. Maybe one reason is that I felt insecure around her. She’s intelligent and she’s got high position at work while I’m just a simple staff. But I told myself they don’t matter to me because she’s still a human being like me inspite all of her achievements. Then I though if she only just made me feel that I matter to her….After about a year of friendship, I asked her again and again we see each other but she was always busy. She also once said that she missed me which I felt guilty about because I was the one missing her and I regretted not telling her first. And I thought why would she say she missed me but wouldn’t hang out with me? Ang then came my christmas, new year and my birthday. She surprised me with gifts in all those occasions but I still felt something is missing because she still wouldn’t ask me out. One last time, I asked her to hang again but still failed. Then came Covid19, I don’t know if we can ever see each other again. So I unfollowed her social media account. I felt like I was rejected. And I don’t like that feeling. What can you say to me Ritu? Am I right in my decision to just disconnect from this person I thought my friend so that I would just stay at peace again? Do you get what I’m talking about?? I just want to get this out, I think.. Hope to hear from you. Maybe others are experiencing the same…?? xoxo

    1. Dear Jen, thanks SO much for sharing this. I’m the same as you. if someone “sees” me, I immediately fall for that person and want to be close, as friends or more than friends. This happened to me with girls and guys and the biggest one was with someone in my dorm back in University, like 10 years ago. Anyway, I think you might be missing an opportunity by disconnecting from this person. It could be that her feelings are mixed and there’s a push and pull happening in her mind. Or she is genuinely a super busy – but that’s not an excuse actually. She can always make room in her life for you. If it bothers you and if you feel like she is secretly disrespecting you, then 100% drop her from your life. But if you want to give her benefit of the doubt, then try at least 2-3 more times to make plans. Try spontaneously to make plans together. If after 3 more tries it doesn’t work, then the message is clear.

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