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OK, so you see some amazing stuff or have found some divine inspiration from within. Maybe it came from a dream, or in a yoga class, or because you saw someone else’s amazing work that inspired you.

Now you are inspired and you want to do everything! You want to make all the ideas that came into your head come true. You feel inspired to write a book! At the same time start a blog! At the same time enroll for a marathon while also doing Yoga teacher training! There is a thousand things you want to do and you are inspired! You are fired up! Also, you actually have a rough plan of action for each idea as well! How exciting!

BUT hold up now, wait a minute. Slow down. I am not denying the fact that you have some great ideas and even the step by step of how to get each one done, but the fact is that it is simply not possible to do all things at once and also do it well. When you have inspiration overload, you may actually be setting yourself up for doing everything poorly instead of doing a few things really really well.

So how do you deal with inspiration overload?

Step 1: Get out of your head! That means stop spending all of your time thinking about your ideas and dreaming up the step by steps. Get everything in your head out onto paper. You need to word-vomit it out. When there are too many good ideas in your head, it is better out than in.

Step 2: Work backwards. After writing down all of your ideas, think about which ones are the biggest and need the longest amount of time to slowly build towards. Put the biggest, heaviest idea furthest away in time. Then think of which idea is also big but will take less time? Put that next. Then using this technique sort through your ideas one by one till you eventually see which idea is simplest to implement and start with that. While you are at it, put down every date and time frame you just thought of on the calendar! Otherwise it will never get done!

Step 3: Share your ideas with someone you trust and someone who will be honest with you. Because they will give you an outsiders perspective and will help you to put them in the right order.

“I am unique and my uniqueness make me equal.” – Affirmation to stop comparing yourself to others

Step 4: Stop comparing! This is a subtle one and one that we do subconsciously when we find inspiration from outside. We start to compare ourselves with the source of this outside inspiration! For example, if you are a dancer and you see another awesome dancer’s youtube video, you suddenly compare yourself with her and become tempted to steal their moves. Or maybe you have a blog and suddenly see another blogger with a beautifully designed blog with amazing HD photos, suddenly you want to copy them. As I said, this happens subconsciously so don’t beat yourself up. Just be aware of it and try not to compare yourself with her. Use this affirmation to help you stop comparing: “I am unique and my uniqueness make me equal.”

I hope these tips will help you! I certainly have inspiration overload right now, and simply writing this helped me.

In the comments below, tell me about your own overwhelm and how you created a timeline of the ideas and inspirations. I want to know!





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