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February is a much better month than January, isn’t it? By now, you have recovered from the extreme eating of the Christmas season, the big partying of NYE and getting over the January blues.

February is much more optimistic. It’s the month that celebrates love. That can be a little scary and my heart is beating a little faster right now as I type this. Valentine’s Day brings up so many feelings in us, and seeing other couples make a big fuss over it can trigger us in so many ways. But there are two things that will help you if you start to get “the feels.”

How to love yourself on Valentine’s Day even when no one believes in you or your dreams

Number one: Have faith like Saint Valentine did, you know the saint who inspired the whole lovefest in the first place? He had so much faith that he was imprisoned for it. He didn’t care what they did to him, he continued to have faith and even performed miracles while imprisoned.

Have faith like him. Have faith in yourself and in your dreams. Even if they try to laugh at you or “imprison” you in their negativity, forget them and continue to have faith in yourself. You can do it, and your dreams will come true. #Fact.

Number two: Have faith in them. This is the hard part. How can you make yourself believe that the people who are being mean to you because they don’t understand your dreams are worthy of your love?

the f word is for faith

Well, that’s where the F-word comes in again. Have faith in them that one day they will get you. One day they will understand you so well because they will be in the exact place where you are now.

And love them anyway.

With all my love,


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