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How do you feel about the word “manifesting”?

Does the word piss you off? Does it make you feel angry? Or does it simply annoy you? On the other hand, maybe you love it. I fall in both hands of manifesting – the love it side as well as the hate it side.

What is manifesting?

The dictionary defines manifesting this way: “To show or demonstrate plainly; reveal.” (Source: Free Dictionary) 

This simple definition brings out the hate side in me. Why? Because it is just so blunt and quite brash! To me, it implies being unapologetic and plainly demonstrating your power. It sounds arrogant and that is exactly why, until a few weeks ago, I hated phrases like “I manifested my dream job” and “I manifested my dream partner” and I also couldn’t stand the people who said them.

What hating “manifesting” says about you

Stating that you consciously manifest things into your life and into your experiences makes people who are just like the old me, feel uncomfortable. This uncomfortable feeling comes up very strongly because it indirectly says that you are able to control what you bring into your life and call into your experiences CONSCIOUSLY.

It puts the power in your hands. Not in random chance, not in luck, not in society at large and not in the cards you’ve been dealt.

It puts the power in your hands.

And this freaks the hell out of your ego.

My ego certainly didn’t like it and as a defence mechanism, my ego mentally attacked anyone who would tell me that they have manifested something wonderful into their life. I would secretly say “OK, whatever! It wasn’t you who did this, it was random chance. Maybe it was the Universe, but it certainly wasn’t you. Get over yourself.”

When I was speaking so horribly to others in my head, it is no surprise that I wouldn’t allow myself to even entertain the idea of maybe trying to manifest something wonderful for myself.

Breaking the judgement against manifesting

I realized my ego’s dirty little trick eventually, and the one thing that helped me to realize it was looking at my own past!

Here’s the story of the big AHA moment.

Someone asked me about the microphone I use to record sound when I create all the videos on my Youtube channel, and where I got it from. I told her that it was a professional Rode mic that retails at around £100, but I didn’t pay for it. I told her that I had manifested it.

Woah, woah, woooah! I what-ed it?

I was shocked to hear myself saying that I manifested a very expensive microphone. But it only took another second for me to realize that it was true. What happened was that I had started vlogging and got feedback from close friends that the sound was almost inaudible in my videos. I knew I needed a good quality microphone and asked a videographer friend of mine for some suggestions. He immediately offered me the fancy Rode mic for free because he happened to have an extra one that he didn’t need!

How cool is that? Coincidence? I don’t think so. Synchronicity? Yes. Manifesting, I finally admitted, yes.

You have manifested cool things before. Just admit it.

Suddenly, all these other cool things that I had manifested in the past started coming to mind. Like a $20K salary increase when I was 25 years old. And that dream apartment on Pleasant Place in Angel, in London. That is the real name of the street and the real name of the area. I’m not even joking.

So, finally I admitted to myself that I am a powerful manifester. The chances are that you are too. The reason why it is scary to think of ourselves as powerful manifesters of life experiences is because it puts the onus on us. Just like we are fully capable of manifesting positive experiences into our life, we are also capable of calling in and creating negative experiences. It takes away the excuse of being able to blame all the bad stuff in our lives on others, or on society, on media, on our parents or on our childhood.

Basically, it becomes very hard to blame anything external for negative things in your life experience after you have become aware of your internal power.

That is exactly why, with the help of our pesky ego, we choose to forget that we are powerful, that we can manifest and that we can create our life experiences consciously.

Want to try manifesting for yourself?

You are a powerful manifester and I am willing to bet money on it. You might be able to find examples and proof of it in your own past. If not, try an experiment using Pinterest!

Pinterest is one of the most powerful tools for manifesting that is available to us right now. The power of seeing a picture and then that vision calling that picture into your reality is huge! I can say that because I’ve done it before.

I actually manifested my dream apartment using Pinterest. When I moved to London in 2011, I started pinning pictures of beautiful apartments and living spaces on this Pinterest board. Take a look at the pictures I pinned and then scroll down to actual pictures of my London apartment.


You can see the full Pin board below.

Follow Ritu’s board Coming Home on Pinterest.

Then magically, I found the perfect apartment and filled it in the perfect way with the most perfect furniture, books, photo frames and finally the most perfect friends. It just happened. It was effortless.

Here are some pictures from the housewarming party for my little flat on Pleasant Place.

how I used pinterest to manifest my dream apartment 4


how I used pinterest to manifest my dream apartment 1

how I used pinterest to manifest my dream apartment 2

This little apartment had manifested effortlessly, just like the photos I had pinned. Don’t get me wrong, it did take effort and money to make it the way I wanted it, but it just felt so easy. And the best part is that I enjoyed it to the max and there were some very special memories created in it.

How to use Pinterest to manifest

So, now it’s your turn. What would you like to manifest? Dream big and be honest. It doesn’t matter if it is a lavish holiday, the perfect romance, an adventure of a lifetime, a perfect career, a dream apartment or even your future family.

Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Create a board on Pinterest and give it a unique and romantic name. Some suggestions below:

Career – Invoking my vocation
Romance – With my heart in my hand
Apartment – Coming home
Holiday – Salt in my hair

Step 2: Make sure it’s a public board. It is important to put your dream out into the Universe instead of just keeping it to yourself as a secret. If the world can’t see it, then it wont know what to deliver to you.

Step 3: Start pinning! Don’t hold back. Pin a hundred pictures if you need to. Pin anything that inspires you, makes you feel nostalgic, stirs any emotion in you, makes your eyes go wider, makes your heart skip a beat and definitely anything that makes you smile.

Step 4: Surrender. This is the easiest and the hardest step. This requires you to pin just for the sake of creating a beautiful collection of hand curated images, that has your signature all over it. Sure it happens to paint a larger picture of something you want for yourself, but that’s not the point. The point is to pin because you love to.

Step 5: Be open and give thanks. When the Universe does deliver to you what you wanted or something better, just say thank you. Be happy, feel the love and find a way to pass that love on to others.

Give manifesting with Pinterest a try! It works and you can witness the magic for yourself. I would love to see your Pinterest board and see your desires within it, so please share it below in the comments section.

And if you want a weekly update of manifesting magic and little reminders to out your dreams so that they can come true, then sign up for Lifestermail below.

Love you lots! Now let’s manifest something awesome!



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