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Let me introduce you to an incredible blog that inspires and impresses me every-single-time-I-read-it. Behold, by Jenny Sansouci.

I’ve known Jenny for seven years and I’ve watched from far away as she transformed from a colleague at a dot com we worked together at, to the publisher of a major health blog and a professional blogger. As in, she makes her living as a blogger.


I started blogging just after Jenny did, her journey documented here and mine here. You can see that we went very different routes.

Maybe it is because I know Jenny as a friend that I am so inspired by her blog posts. I know for a fact that she constantly pushes herself outside of her comfort zone to live the life she lives, which she has designed very consciously.

Her post 10 Awesome Quotes About Courage inspired me so much that I ended writing a whole essay in the comment section of the post! I’ve turned that essay into a piece of writing on this blog for you to read here.

The final quote Jenny shared at the end of her post is:

“If one is persistent and heroic enough, one will generate so much heat that the gods will be forced to grant his or her wish in order to save themselves and the world from being scorched.”

I read it over a couple of times and my jaw dropped.  I was like “Oh my God…” because what it is referring to is taught in a very advanced level of Atma Kriya Yoga as well!

Let me explain.

In Atma Kriya Yoga, I’ve learned that there is among all the energy channels in our body, called Nadi’s as the yogis here would know, the innermost one is called the Brahman Nadi. In this nadi, our deepest, darkest karma is stored, things like murder, rape and other horrible things we have done in past lives.

Atma Kriya, with the grace of the masters of course, helps the Shakti to enter this nadi and clean all this awful karma out.

In this nadi, something else also happens, which is directly related to the quote.

When your soul has a desire for something, a “vriti” or a cyclone is created in the Brahman Nadi. This cyclone is so powerful that is sucks everything around it into it, and pulls the Universe into it. The Universe, or the gods as referred to in the quote, have no choice but to grant the wish!

Whoever wrote this quote must have known this little secret taught in yoga!

I love you Jenny! Thank you for being you.

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Here’s the quote again in a shareable format. Save it, print it out, put it up on your wall, Instagram it, whatever you like! And make sure you tag us on Instagram! @jennysansouci and @rituashrafi.

courage quotes


Love you guys,

Ritu a.k.a. Krishnapriya

(That’s my spiritual name/yoga teacher name.)

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