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Pharrell and Jay Z famously sang “I’m a hustler baby, I just want you to know. It ain’t where I been, but where I’m about to go.”

Can you relate to this? This statement is so targeted to 20 something women and I, as a 20something myself, can relate.

As Meg Jay says in her amazing book The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter–And How to Make the Most of Them Now is that when hiring, companies evaluate 20somethings differently from older candidates. They look into things like the initiative they show in other unrelated activities like being a part of the debate club or taking a 10 countries in 20 days trip around Europe after graduation. In an interview, you have a higher chance of making an impression on the person interviewing if you can strike a common chord about a recent concert you went to or your summer camp adventures from childhood than your grades in last year of  university.

Why I am stressing this quote from the Jay Z and Pharrell is to remind you that it is important to hustle and it is important show your potential. You can’t be doing one without the other. You could be hustling your butt off at the restaurant you work at but if it is not your goal to climb the ladder at that place, then your hustle clashes with your “potential” in another field that you might be trying to get into, like lets say graphic design.

Take this week’s life coaching tip from Jigga and remind people “It ain’t where I been, but where I’m about to go.”

Love, xo Ritu

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