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As a life coach, I often get asked 3 specific non-life coaching questions about spirituality. They are:

  1. What does it mean to be spiritual?
  2. Is spirituality different from religion?
  3. How can I be more spiritual?

I answer these questions in this video but I would like to summarize them here as well. Let’s start:

What does it mean to be spiritual?

Have you ever had a feeling that there can’t just be us, puny humans, out there. I don’t mean aliens or anything but something way bigger. Something that created the universe. Something that makes sure our hearts know how to beat and that tells our DNA how to govern our cells to grow. Being spiritual means when you feel sad, lost, depressed or hopeless you go looking for the answer to why you are that way. It sounds simplistic but if you have ever felt curious, then you are inclined towards spirituality.

Is spirituality different from religion?

Absolutely yes! Religion is very mind based whereas spirituality is heart based. Religion can be limited whereas spirituality is infinite. Spirituality comes from the heart and is the deep desire to feel love and to find and connect with the part of us that is way bigger than us. Religion can be good, don’t get me wrong, all I am saying is that spirituality is different from it.

How can I be more spiritual?

This is the easy part!

  • [highlight_one] 1 [/highlight_one] The first step you can take to be more spiritual is just acknowledge greatness outside of you. For example, take the universe, it is great, ginormous. The thing is that the universe can and does react to you, not only physically but metaphysically too. If you ask it for something, you will get an answer. The universe speaks in signs as I mentioned in this post before, so learn to listen to the signs from the universe and you will get your proof.
  • [highlight_one] 2 [/highlight_one] Take a meditation class! I recommend taking an Atma Kriya class near you as it will rock your world! It is important to try out different styles and see which one fits you the best.
  • [highlight_one] 3 [/highlight_one] Recognize the love inside of you! In the beginning and in the end, all up in the core of spirituality is love. Take Marianne Williamson for example; she is a walking talking love machine just as much as she is a spiritual teacher and that is completely interrelated (which I wrote about in this post).

[themecolor]Spirituality is a personal thing.[/themecolor]

Spirituality is a highly individual thing. It is a personal thing. Just as life coaching is not a uniform you can dress everyone in and has to be tailored to fit each person, so is spirituality for each individual. If you are curious about it, I recommend doing some shopping till you find the perfect fit.

Love, xo Ritu

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