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One of the hardest to learn lessons you will have to learn in your life is ~how to say NO~.

Even if you are pretty good at saying NO to others, how often do you say NO to yourself? Rarely, right? It feels too much like you are turning into your parent, telling yourself off for having another cookie or something. I personally really don’t like not allowing myself to indulge so I never say NO to me when I want that extra cookie.

Even though my common sense knows better.

How to tell yourself “NO”

Here’s a tip that may help you when you need to say “no” to yourself. Watch this video. It’s simple but it will trigger a deep invisible AHA in your subconscious that will only make sense when you write a blog post about it. OK, I’m describing my life in this instant here, so maybe you don’t have to blog it to get it; that’s just me.

My subconscious is still trying to make sense of this, so I will let it steep. But the one instant point that I can tell you is just be honest with yourself about 3 crucial little things:

  1. Does *this thing* matchup with the one thing you really really REALLY want, the most?
  2. Are you doing *this thing* because it is easy for now? Like a sugar high?
  3. Does *this thing* make you look better or cooler in the eyes of your peers?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then say NO to yourself.

Seriously, if you answered YES to any of these questions, then say NO to yourself. Just don’t do *that thing*. Step away, brush it off, forget about it.

Especially the third question has a lot to do with you pride. Pride is like a sugar high. You feel on top of the world one minute, and the next, you are down at ground level or underground level if your high was particularly elevated.

On that underground level, it really is just you, on your own.

So, say NO to yourself.

Even though it’s difficult, a YES answer to any of those three questions must be given importance.



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