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There is something about 2015 that feels like a giant obstacle. Have you felt that this year, you have had to make some difficult decision? Or make a risky move? Or take a chance on something that wont pay out for months or years? If yes, read on.

All these things that seem to have thrown you off this year are just obstacles. And you know what’s the best part about obstacles? They are an indication that you are on your PATH.

Finding your path

After decades of searching, when you finally find your path, your ego throws a lot of junk at your to derail you. Some examples:

  1. You want to commit to working towards a successful career and you are fired.
  2. You want to improve the relationships in your life and you break up with your partner.
  3. You finally make a commitment to live healthy and you get sick.

According to the words of the legendary Louise Hay, this is all resistance. And this resistance is the crafty doing of your ego.

In my experience, these are OBSTACLES and they have come up precisely to show you that you are on the right path.

OBSTACLES ARE A SIGN that you are on your path

What do these obstacles in your path mean?

You might be asking, how can getting sick show me that I’m on the path to health? Or how can getting fired show me that I’m on the right career path?

Well, what if you needed to get sick so you could really value your health? And after this experience, your commitment to your health would be absolutely unshakable?

What if getting fired from the job in which you wanted to climb the career ladder kicked you out so you would be forced to find a gig where long term career growth could really happen for you?

And how about splitting up with someone you were ready to settle down with? How does that help you to improve relationships? Maybe the relationships you were meant to improve are with your family and childhood friends and being separate from your partner allows you to focus on them.

You see, there is another meaning behind every challenge, heartbreak and obstacle. You can also call it a silver lining.

How to overcome obstacles in your path

1. Get familiar with the Universe’s Chief Obstacle Remover, Lord Ganesha


In Hinduism, Lord Ganesha is known as the remover of obstacles. There is no Hindu wedding that happens without praying to Ganesha first, and as we know, marriages are chock-full of obstacles. Read about him on Wikipedia.

2. Meditate

meditating on a park bench in new york city

Meditation is the best thing that I can recommend to fix 95% of obstacles in your life. It wont magically take them away, but it will help you see your own unique solution to remove the obstacle yourself.

3. Create a Happiness Kit for yourself


Your Happiness Kit is something you pull out when you really are blocked and it gets you down. No matter what obstacle is in your way, there is room for a little light hearted fun that you can get from your Happiness Kit. You can put anything in your Happiness Kit, and for me it would include meditation, Swiss chocolate, comfort food like curry or poutine (if that doesn’t give away my Bangladeshi Canadian-ness, then I don’t know what will), and going to the movies by myself.

Your obstacles are a good thing, really. They make the path you walk that much more memorable and they are definitely an indication that you are on the right path.

Just keep walkin’.



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