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What does wearing black mean when it comes to your psychology and your mood? And even your spirit? I explain it in this video below. And for like a hundred photos of me wearing all black, just scroll below the video.

So, to summarize, when we wear all black, it is almost like we are going into hiding. It feels like “Oh, if I’m wearing black and in dark clothes, then I can hide in the shadows. No one can see me, which is good! It means I am safe and I don’t have to deal with anyone.”

I went through a phase when I would only wear black. My friends would even joke about it and say “Oh, black again. How original!” See the proof in pictures below.

wearing all black psychology

A photo posted by Ritu (@rituashrafi) on

wearing all black

A photo posted by Ritu (@rituashrafi) on

So my challenge for you (and for me) is to resist wearing black for a little while. In cases we can’t, for example, my winter coat is black so it’s hard to avoid, add a pop of colour. Choose a colour that is un-ignorable!

Good luck!



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