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Since I first launched my YouTube channel back in February of 2013, I have a changed A LOT and so has my brand. My very first YouTube video no longer fully captures the content that is now in the channel and on this website so I felt like it was time for me to update. I created this welcome video for my YouTube channel that those who have not yet subscribed will be able to see when they land there. Is it a coincidence that Marie Forleo updated her intro video 1 day after I did mine? Maybe it is but the fact is that if you have a channel on YouTube or a presence on the web, it is a really nice touch to have a welcome video on your homepage or landing page to let the new visitor know where they have landed and what they can expect in there.

If you want to create your own YouTube welcome video, just answer these questions and follow these steps.

  1. Quickly introduce yourself – your name is enough.
  2. Tell the visitor or viewer WHY they are on your channel – you can briefly list the main topics you talk about in your channel here.
  3. Give a little more detail about each topic and explain HOW the viewer will benefit from what you talk about. Give them something here or the promise that you will give something to them, like information and tips.
  4. Share something interesting about yourself – look for something quirky here. You can take ideas from my 25 things about me on my other blog. Bonus points if this also establishes your credibility.
  5. Call to action – ask your viewer to take some kind of action like subscribing to your channel or leaving a comment.

Now just read out these answers and Boom! You have an excellent welcome video for your YouTube channel. If you found this post useful, please subscribe for weekly updates and the best content from this blog sent straight to your inbox once a week. Thank you so much!


Ritu (lights, camera, action!)

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