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Mental Health

Recovering From Anxiety And Depression – Personal Essay

This is a guest post from Jadine Lydia. Read her bio below at the end…
KarmaKarma in Relationships

Why Are Karmic Relationships So Painful?

When I look back at all the relationships I've mentioned in my Karma & Relationships…
KarmaKarma in Relationships

What Does It Mean To Have A Karmic Connection With Someone?

If you've ever felt an irresistible and unexplainable instant connection with someone, you might have…
KarmaKarma in Relationships

Can Karmic Relationships Ever Be Soulmates?

Have you ever wondered whether soulmates really exist? When things go so well in a…
Karma in Relationships

Still Regret Breaking Up With Your Ex?

If you find yourself wondering whether you get bad Karma for breaking someone’s heart, then…
KarmaKarma in Relationships

Does Sex Create Karma?

Do your sexuality and past sexual experiences create negative Karma and have an effect on…
KarmaKarma in Relationships

How To Get Rid Of Bad Karma, Fast

Do you feel like you have bad Karma from breaking someone’s heart? Or maybe you…
KarmaKarma in Relationships

Do Cheaters Get Their Karma?

If you've ever been cheated on, like me, then I'm sure you've asked yourself this…
KarmaKarma in Relationships

How To End A Karmic Relationship

How can someone you thought was your soulmate turn out to be the worst person…
Karma in RelationshipsQuarter Life Crisis

Karma in Romantic Relationships

Have you ever been through a breakup and are you worried that you will get…
KarmaKarma in Relationships

Will Karma Get My Ex For Hurting Me?

If you've ever been dumped before then this question must have crossed your mind: "Will…
KarmaKarma in Relationships

Karmic Attraction: Everything You Need To Know

When I was thinking about all the relationships I've had in the past, I wondered…