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[alert] Atma Kriya Yoga Toronto Workshop participants and Varahi, the teacher. [/alert] In November 2013, Atma Kriya Yoga Meditation was taught in Canada for the very first time. I am so honoured to say that I played a part in organizing it in Toronto.

I have been a student of Atma Kriya meditation since September 2011 and I have mentioned many times how it has absolutely positively changed my life. I was beyond happy to be able to bring this amazing meditation technique to my hometown of Toronto, Canada.

The workshop was taught by Varahi, an Atma Kriya teacher from Washington State, USA. She flew over 5 hours each way to come over to Toronto and teach. The classes were held in a gorgeous conference room on Lakeshore, Toronto.

With just four students, a teacher and an assistant (moi), and ALL WOMEN, it was an intimate and completely comfortable setting. We settled in, sat in a circle, crossed our legs into as close a version of lotus pose as we could get ourselves into and got meditating.

Varahi took us through the history of the meditation, the philosophy behind it and then the techniques. Along the way, there were many personal stories shared and everyone brought their own past experiences, knowledge and reflections to the group. It was a completely unique workshop because each participant brought something to the circle that no one else could contribute.

If you are interested in learning Atma Kriya where you live, check out the global directory on the website.

I am teaching an online meditation course this month and if you are interested learning a simpler meditation technique online, signup here.

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