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So, I was 28-years-old and living in Los Angeles working as an actress/writer.  I use the term ‘working’ loosely.  Although I was dedicated to my acting and writing classes, I was not supporting myself in either field. My livelihood was paid through cocktail waitressing and tutoring, which thoroughly annoyed me.  I felt like I was following all of the Universe sanctioned rules to no avail.  I was a positive person, relatively happy, and as supportive of those around me as I could be.  But, on this day I was spent – financially and emotionally.

The plan was to spend the day holed up in a corner at the Grove Barnes and Noble Café flipping through fashion mags and self-help books, hoping to day-dream myself into success. I had scraped together enough pocket-change to pay for my tall/extra-hot/two-pump/chai latte/no water/no foam, and had located a fabulously positioned table with two chairs… one for me.. one for my stack of reading material.

Then I saw an adorable, sassy little girl with big, natural hair and the line “Mommy and Daddy I’m feeling despair, what will I do with my super big hair” popped into my head.  That was the moment Girl Team Mobile was born.

Sitting in that Barnes and Noble a few years ago, it would have been so easy to push that soft whisper out of my head.  I didn’t have a laptop, only a raggedy to-do list note pad mostly full of not-done items.  Quite frankly, I was enjoying my lazy day zoning out to my stack of un-purchased fashion magazines and self-help books.  I was feeling so beat up with not having reached my goals and dreams.  I really wasn’t in the mood for my Muse’s soft whispers.  I just wanted to drink my latté.

Alas, she would not be ignored.  There was one question gnawing at me that continued to prod until I decided to indulge and follow the words that were being downloaded into my mind at rapid speed.  It is because of this question that Girl Team Mobile is the growing company that it is today:

“Does any part of my being believe that this could happen?”

I’ll give you a hint… the answer is YES.

We are all born with dreams – soul callings that live in our heart eagerly awaiting their manifestation.  As A Course in Miracles puts it: “God gave you a very lofty function…”  Lofty function, dream, purpose… whatever you call it – it is your reason for being and it will always whisper out from your heart.  But, oftentimes we can’t hear.

Frustration, annoyance and fear prompts us to party over that voice, drink over that voice, date over that voice, or constantly ask the opinions of others in a desperate attempt to pass the responsibility of living our dreams off to the next willing party.

But, I am going to pose another reason for the frustration.  Turning back to A Course in Miracles – “You are not at peace because you are not fulfilling your function. Your ego has chosen to be afraid instead of meeting it.

In other words… all of the indecision, frustration, annoyance and bad choices stem from the fact that you are not running toward your dream it at full force!  You’re choosing fear over your divinity.

I get it.  Being twenty-something is heavy.  There are societal norms that seem to hold your decision-making ability in a vise.  You’re confused as to where to funnel all that creative passion and energy.  To make matters worse everyone in the world is telling you that the choices you make now will make or break the rest of your life.  And, to choose wrong is to mastermind your own destruction along with the destruction of the world!  Much easier to just follow the crowd.

But, if you are reading this I am pretty sure that you are not meant to be another face in the crowd.  You’re craving something more.  And, I bet that something more has already made itself known to you in someway and is waiting for you to take action on it.  So the first action is the question:

Does any part of me believe that this could happen?

The second action: Be willing to hear.

Your soul, heart, inner-guide – whatever you call the voice of intuition – is whispering the pathway to your wildest fantasies.  The confirmation may be in a feeling, a song, a random call from a friend or a billboard you pass on the way to work.

Leading up to that day in Barnes and Nobles I was half-heartedly listening… and, hearing just enough to do small things: go to acting class, writing class, stay in overall shape.  The way the ego’s doubts were manifesting in my own life was through inconsistency and victim-hood.  I would have a bad audition, get frustrated and not go to class for a week.  Or I would hear about someone else’s beautiful synchronicity of selling a script or web-series and fall into the “Why not me…” trap – both common mechanisms the ego uses to keep us thinking and living small.

But on that day at Barnes and Noble I asked myself, “does any part of me believe that this could happen?” And then I said “yes.”

Was I ready to find a programmer, printer, publisher, buy a Mac, iPad, research LLCs or discover a bow designer?  No!  I wasn’t even ready to hire an illustrator.  I had more work to do, on the story and on myself.  But, it is because I took action and listened that the rest of the pieces – through the power of the universe – were able to fall into place at the exact time they were supposed to and deliver onto me a growing company that I love.

So are you ready to make it happen?  If so, take action now.  In the comments below add one dream that your Muse has been whispering to you.  Remember, the willingness to hear is the beginning.  Bonus Step: Share this article with a friend whose willing to hear – Tweet, Facebook or Email below.  Until next time…

Love, Light and Rockin’ it Big,



Bighair Facebook Images - Me and Tasty Treats[themecolor]Arynetta Floyzelle is an actress, writer, naturalista and citizen of the world.  Her first children’s book Big Hair is available in app, eBook and softcover at, the Apple iTunes store and at[/themecolor]


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