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Resolutions suck. Intentions are better.

But sometimes, in rare cases, it is necessary to make a resolute decision and be absolutely unwavering about it. So, I’m going against my own word of advice and telling you to make one single resolution for 2015, and that is to CHANGE.

The only resolution that you need to make this year is to commit to CHANGING.

CHANGING for the better.

CHANGING yourself consciously.

CHANGING your habits from bad to good.

CHANGING from being acceptable to being remarkable.

CHANGING from being afraid to being courageous.

It is possible for you to leave all your unwanted baggage behind in 2014, so that you are lighter and more free this year. You can do it, no one will tell you off for it. It is possible to leave your bad habits behind in to 2014 and make room for good habits that nourish your heart, body and soul. It is possible to leave people behind who bring you down, so that you can surround yourself with people who uplift and elevate you to the next level.

There is no need to drag all the rubbish from past years into the new one.

There is no room for it this year. 2015 is too clean for that.

Be the change that you wish to see in the world. – Mahatma Gandhi

2015 is your chance to start clean

There has been a massive shift, globally, at the start of the New Year. Elizabeth Peru posted a powerful update on Facebook around this. Her clear and urgent instructions are:

  • Remove your distractions immediately. Only focus on what is good for you.
  • If something in your life has come up and it requires attention, you had better get onto it.
  • If you need to: clear out your lifestyle, update food, environment, work, body, people, actions. Get onto it without delay as the energy is buffering you now. As you do this keep in mind what you desire, rather than being a victim to what you don’t.
  • Manifesting is super quick now and will be in 2015. You will get what you most ACT ON. Not what you most think about, but ACT ON. Got it?

The message she is trying to give us is that we must take action. If we want to change, we must do it now. We can’t afford to wait and remain a version of our stale old self.

If we don’t act now, if we don’t commit 200% to our soul’s calling now, it will be too late. This life is short and we just wont have enough time to fulfil our calling if we don’t start today.

A New Era of YOU

We are in the middle of a major transition, going from Kali Yuga into Satya Yuga. Trust me, I know that change is hard. A global change at this scale is not going to feel easy either and I know that you are feeling the affects of this massive change.

On some level, you know deep in your bones, that things are different in your world.

The new and mind opening things that are coming up on your radar are not by coincidence. The mass number of people who are talking about this change is not a fluke. Those who are awake can see and feel what is happening, and that includes you.

It’s time for you to step up and step into this new era consciously. You know exactly what change you need to make. Be brave and just do it.

let go

I promise you that the Universe will support you through it, no matter how hard it feels to let go of what you need to.

Because the moment you let go of the person, or the thing, or the habit you are holding on to, the moment you surrender it to the greater intelligence of the Universe, you will be freer and lighter. And more importantly, the person, or the thing will be FREE OF YOU so that person can be who he is destined to be and that thing can finally fulfil its purpose.

2015 is clean and bright. There is no room for that darkness and staleness in this amazing year.

Be free of old baggage. Leave it behind in 2014.

With all my love and support because I’m in with you,

The new Ritu

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