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[accordion title=’Introduction from Ritu‘]I met Leyla at the launch party that I threw for Lifester in Toronto in early 2013. She had heard about The Lifester through my coach Alan Kay and was one of his mentees at the time as well. We kept in touch and Leyla ended up attending the very first international Atma Kriya Yoga workshop I organized in Toronto, in November 2013, and became one of the only 4 people initiated into Atma Kriya in the entire country of Canada! This is a huge, awesome thing. I witnessed her from afar as she transitioned from being an analyst at an multinational food company to setting the foundation of her own business, Divagirl. [/accordion]

Hi, my name is Leyla Razeghi and I live in Toronto.

I run “Better is Bigger Solutions”: Provide Strategic Consulting to businesses that provide products that are good for people and the environment, and I also run “DivaGirl Preneur Toronto”: Connect, educate and support women entrepreneurs.

The hardest things I had to do in 2014

I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur, and one of the hardest things I had to do in 2014 was that I had to figure out how exactly I was going to fulfill my purpose. I also had to figure out what path I wanted to take.

What this taught me about myself was that there is no right or wrong when it comes to the path you follow to achieve your dreams. This may sound cliche, but it’s true: You don’t need to know where you’ll end up, you just need to know that you’re not going to stay where you are.

One accomplishment from 2014 that I’m happy about is

…creating a community for DivaGirl Preneur, formed by women that are speakers, coaches, consultants and business owners. I’m also really happy about starting to create free videos with business tips for my subscribers of “Know Thy Shelf Blog” and starting to meditate and have a gratitude practice *almost* every day. Also, I’m proud of getting to intermediate level in yoga.

If you are feeling down at this time of year, my tip is:

Lose your attachment to the outcome and trust the process. Also, be mindful and ask yourself, “Can I handle what I have in front of me, right now?” (hint: the answer is “yes”!)

My intention for 2015

…is to grow the DivaGirl community further, and to grow my consulting business focusing on helping ethical consumer products. On the personal side, in 2015, I intend to work out at least 4 times a week and perfect my practice of tools to focus on the present and me mindful.

Leyla Razeghi

In 2015, I am the Queen of making business strategy fun!



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