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Have you ever searched the hashtag #lifecoaching on Instagram? Speaking of Instragram, come over and follow me on it! Being a life coach as well as a fan of social media, I use the tag #lifecoaching on Instagram often and I’ve noticed that a lot of the posts under that tag come from the Middle East. Take @marsvenuskuwait for example. I can’t read Arabic and I can’t read her profile description but from her photos and videos it seems like she is a life coach in Kuwait. Her Instragram posts include inspirational quotes like these:

life coaching in kuwait

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 20.46.14

There is also @t_almutairii who is also from Kuwait and posts inspirational quotes and images. From her photos and hashtags, it appears that she offers training, coaching and other programs in Qatar and Bahrain.

Another #lifecoaching hashtagger on Instagram is @aldhafertc. This is the Instagram handle of a coaching institute in UAE. They do life coaching for kids, for adults, coaching in energy and life cycles and human development and business.

We can’t talk about the Middle East without mentioning Saudi Arabia, so how about @coach_saudi who post inspirational photos like this?

Saudi coaching

It’s inspiring to see the self-development and life coaching movement strong and growing in the Middle East, especially because of the connotations there are in the West about it. Life coaching is not just a “Western” thing. Personal development is universal! Wearing a hijab doesn’t lower a woman’s need to shine, to grow, to make her mark in the world and I am glad that she has the support she needs on home turf.

Have you stumbled upon this kind of inspiration in an unlikely place? I would love to know where so please share them in the comments below and Tweet them at me to @rituashrafi.



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