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This post is not intended to scare you but it is useful insight if you are on a spiritual path.

When you start walking on the spiritual path, and truly commit to it, your best friend will leave you. Your boyfriend will leave you. Your mom will show disappointment in you. Your dad will pick fights with you.

This will happen because you are changing and so are they, and both parties are changing in opposite directions.

It is not anyone’s fault so don’t blame her when your best friend walks away. She’s not doing it because she’s trying to hurt you. In fact, she is probably very hurt by you.

Resist trying too hard to patch wounded feelings; in yourself and in her.

Trying to comfort each other will not help the situation. 

It will feel more like rubbing salt in the wound.

The spiritual path is a lonely one.

the spiritual path is a lonely one quote

When you go looking for your Self, unfortunately, you don’t get to bring someone along with you.

Once you have found your Self however, you get to bring that to others, fully. And when you bring your full Self to others, you can give and give and give because you will never run out.

Don’t be sour even when they leave you.

Don’t be sour when your outreach is greeted with coldness. Be patient and most of all, allow for that distance to be there because in that distance, you will find space.

And at this time, what you both need more than anything else, is space.


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