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Paramahamsa Vishwananda, my Guru, gave two incredible Darshans in London in April, 2016. I got such a huge blessing of being able to attend both events.

As you know, I live in Toronto now. You may also know that I used to live in London. My spiritual family is in London since that’s the place where I had my first awakening. It was so nice to be able to be back there for Darshan with Guruji.

paramahamsa vishwananda london darshan 2016

Interested in receiving Darshan from Paramahamsa Vishwananda? Check out the official event calendar of Bhakti Marga here.

Some more pics from my trip below.

paramahamsa vishwananda london darshan 2016 1

That’s me in the blue sari.

paramahamsa vishwananda london darshan 2016 2

That me behind Guruji! I got to assist with the event.

on my way to london to see guruji 1

At Toronto airport, on my way!

on my way to london to see guruji-vishwananda london darshan

Arriving in Leyton. Never thought I’d be back here so soon.

london leyton darshan

My friend Lisa outside the Darshan hall

paramahamsa vishwananda london darshan 2

Guruji giving Darshan to a fellow Canadian.

Vishwananda london darshan 1

Shirdi Sai Baba’s blessings.

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