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In this video I read out my very first journal entry from more than a decade ago! From when I was 14. Embarrassing? Yes! Did I learn something from it? YES! Loads! And I talk about that here.

In my previous post, I declared that I will write everyday and urged you to do it too. But why? What’s the point in writing everyday? Well, writing everyday is just one way of practicing creativity everyday.

Practice Creativity

Are you thinking: “Huh? You can practice soccer, but how do you practice creativity?” It’s simple. Just like practicing soccer makes you better at it, practicing creativity makes you better at it too.

And why should you practice it? Because creativity enhances your spiritual connectedness and it increases devotion. Devotion to something bigger than us, to life, to love, to work, to others and to yourself.

Coming back to writing and journaling, my diary is my oldest life coach.

Your Journal is Your Best Life Coach

Journaling is one of the best “self-helpy” things you can do for yourself. The type of self expression it provides is better than the best listener in the world. Your journal doesn’t judge you so you can write anything in it that you want.

It is good to vent. Instead of dumping your problems onto someone else, dump it into the pages of your journal. You will find it fascinating to read over your own struggles and have respect and love for yourself for going through what you did.

I Know You Don’t Journal, So Start Now

When I ask around in my friend and peer cycle, I’m shocked at how few people keep a journal. Many of my friends in the blogging circle do write and reflect, but blogs, by nature are very public. Blogging is also great self help but journaling is even better. The reason is simple – it is completely private!

Remember when you used to make notes in class? You wrote things down so you wouldn’t forget it and also so that you could come back to it later, analyze reflect and draw new conclusions. The same goes for journaling. It’s like taking notes in the school of life and each day is like one class. You don’t want to forget your lessons, so you better write it down. If you want to find connections between lessons and come up with new theories, conclusions and solutions, you can look back at your notes on life and connect the dots.

Do you already have a journal? Tell me about it in the comments below. And if you don’t, why not?



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