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Jason Nazar, a successful entrepreneur who started his business Docstoc in his 20s, wrote an awesome article titled 20 Things 20-Year-Olds Don’t Get. He is not speaking from a high horse. He admits, he was twentysomething too and these points intertwine with his life experiences. I’ve summarized the list here but I highly encourage you to click over and read the full article.

Here is the 20somethings list:

1. Time is not limitless! You will run out of it.

2. Talent is overrated. Results are not.

3. Don’t waste your mornings dillydallying and staying at work late is almost counterproductive.

4. Social Media, as job, will probably disappear in 5 years.

5. Don’t hide behind the computer. Call people and go to meetings.

6. Be the first one in and the last one to leave.

7. Stop waiting to be told what to do!

8. Say sorry and take responsibility for your mistakes.

9. Work for someone who pushes your limits (even if they also push your buttons).

10. Job hopping is not cool.

11. Pick your job based on the people you’ll be working with (their talents, potential, track record).

12. Make sure everything you do adds up.

13. Don’t be afraid of speaking up, but be ready to back it up.

14. Build your skills. Sharpen them.

15. Big network + high quality peoeple = good.

16. Get yourself a MENTOR!

17. Fake it Channel it till you make it!

18. Read books.

19. “Don’t save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving.” – Warren Buffet

20. Your Reputation is Priceless, Don’t Damage It.

Read more of Jason’s work here and visit his business site here.


  • April says:

    I found you through a chatty tuesday. Where do you find your mentors for blogging?

    • Ritu Ashrafi says:

      Hi April! Some of my blogging mentors are not bloggers in my field at all. My fave inspiration spots are architecture blogs, books (I pick one and randomly open a page and see if there is anything inspiring), sometimes I meditate and the issue that I’m dealing with at the moment is what I will talk about. Most often, I blog about a question someone asked me or a topic that came up in a recent coaching session. Hope this helps! Xo Ritu

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