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I met Abida through my dad as he is super into the Bangladeshi community in Toronto and Abida has always been a young female leader in the community. I was new in Toronto and my dad wanted me to have friends so we were sort of set up of a friend date. We hit it off right away! Abida is responsible for me doing an incredible “dip” dance move that made me a bit of a star in the dance club near my University. I am responsible for the first Bailey based shot that Abida had, still as minors, in downtown Toronto. We have seen each other through the worst shit that life can throw at you, and we are witnessing each other as we rise up to our higher purpose and serve the world at our greatest capacity.

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Hi, my name is Abida Rahman and I live in Toronto, Canada.

I work for the government during the day, by night I am an entrepreneur, writer, blogger, publisher and yogini that runs multiple businesses.

The hardest things I had to do in 2014

The hardest thing for me to overcome in 2014 was being true to my ambitions and goals and expressing my dreams to my family. I have always been the type of person to live my life for others and for the first time in my life I was able to communicate exactly what my dreams and visions are without any fear of judgement.

What I learnt from all this

It taught me that I really need to communicate with others in order to be heard. I can’t assume others know what is going on inside of my mind, I have to be clear and honest and not fear the outcome.

Some accomplishments from 2014 that I’m proud of and happy about…

I opened up my very first restaurant and bar.

I wrote my very first newspaper publication which was printed and delivered to 10,000 locals in Toronto and Montreal.

I created my YouTube Channel “From Ordinary to Extraordinary” which outlines my journey toward success.

I am halfway through my Yoga Teacher Training.

If you are feeling down at this time of year, my tip is

My tip for feeling down during this time of year is to go out and do something that you normally wouldn’t do. Even if it’s one day or one activity that you’ve never tried in your life before. Just knowing that you are pushing yourself out of your comfort zone will force you to allow a new experience into your life. By doing one new thing, it opens the gate up for all sorts of new things to enter your life.

My intention for 2015 is

I will become a certified Yoga Teacher.

I wish to purchase my very first house.

I wish to attend a meditation retreat in Germany as well as travel through Europe.

I plan to establish all the right connections and get sponsors and investors for my dream business.

Become much healthier and change my lifestyle completely.

abida rahman lifester

In 2015, I am the Queen of Discipline.



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