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Hi, I am Sarae Pratt, I’m the founder of and I live in London, UK.

The hardest thing I had to do or overcome in 2014 was…

Over committing myself to my passions – the people I work with and my friends and family. I stretched myself pretty thinly across an exciting, challenging and rewarding pieces of work and supported people through some really bad times (illness, bereavements, redundancies and the like). I wouldn’t change what I did to enable, support and inspire any of them, but 2015 needs to be a bit different.

What this taught me about myself

I love what I do and I work with my talents of compassion, empathy and empowerment….oh yeah, here comes the but……but I need to offer myself the same space, care and generosity to enable me to achieve more, be more balanced and keep loving my life.

Some accomplishments from 2014 that I’m happy about

My Pilates practice has grown a lot – way more than I expected and quite simply by creating a reputation for safe, interesting and progressive classes. I’ve also worked with more corporate clients, training them in key skills for their future career success and happiness. My coaching clients continue to wow me with their achievements.

From a personal perspective, I became a stepmom – and I’m seriously not bad at it. In fact, I’ve been totally blown away with how brilliant the whole experience is.

If you are feeling down at this time of year, my tip is…

Get outside and stand on a windy hilltop or coastline. And just be. Stand there and be present. Feel how you’re buffeted. How your hair whips about. Breathe the clean, fresh air.

And let it all go.

The bonus is the walk there will burn off some of that “I’ve eaten too much” sluggishness too.

My intention for 2015

To seek more integration of all the elements of my life.

I’m looking to achieve a lot with b-elastic – new coaching and online programmes, new b-mail blogs, guest postings, more speaking gigs and the list goes on! I also want to achieve more in my personal life – learning to sew, more cycling time with my partner and kids, more “off the grid” time and to bake more.

SARAEIn 2015, I am the Queen of “Carpe Diem”.

I’m seizing the day and moving forward with energy, great people and a giant smile!


Connect with Sarae:

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On Facebook: belastic

On Twitter: @b_elastic

On LinkedIn: Sarae Pratt


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