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If you guys are on my newsletter mailing list (in which share my more “secret” news by the way – SIGN UP below!) you would have known that I went an ashram last weekend! I went to a real life ashram where a real swami lives! The ashram was in Germany in a small town near Frankfurt called Springen and it is Swami Vishwananda’s ashram. If you don’t know about Swami Vishwananda yet, Google him! He is so cool and young and amazing.

Anyway, I went to this ashram to meditate. My goal was to meditate practically all day long and managed to get about 5-6 hours of meditation & prayer into each of my 4 days there.

My amazing meditation teacher Teresa Hale (the founder of Hale Clinic in London) was there with me time and as I watched other people having their Darshan, I told her “you really can tell which of the people are just taking all of Swami’s love and who are giving him their own love.”

In this video I tell you a bit about my ashram experience and I ask you a tough question. Do you have what it takes to answer it honestly?

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Love xo Ritu


  • Iris says:

    Yeesh that’s a tough question! I think I’ve found the balance for the most part. I always notice when I give more than I take with a person, and like the friendship you mentioned, it’s incredibly draining and I know it’s not sustainable. So I keep my distance until there’s a time that we can have a more equal relationship. But on the other hand I don’t think I take too much either. I don’t surround myself with givers, so the funny thing is love never comes to me when I beg for it, but is willingly given to me when I least expect 🙂

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