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Do you ever get depressed for no reason at all? You don’t have any particular sad or bad thing that happened but you feel depressed anyway? In those situations, I have trick to find out the root cause of that “unknown” or “random” depression which I share in this video.

I discovered this trick because I was super depressed over the weekend. I went to sleep sad on Friday night and work up sad on Saturday. I had no idea why I was depressed and that was making me even more depressed. And this is how I got to the bottom of why I was sad.

Watch the video to find out what the trick to getting to the bottom of my depression was. 

As you can see, I wouldn’t have known the cause of my depression unless I ASKED to find out! We, as human beings are smart enough to know the cause of most of our problems and sitting in meditation and being honest with ourselves is how what we already know has the space to surface up.

So next time that you feel sad or depressed or anxious for no reason, try to give yourself some space and meditate on it. Say to yourself with authority, “I want to know why I am feeling this way”, and wait for the answer to rise up. Be patient with yourself. If the sadness stays, then give it time, give yourself time. Once the answer surfaces for you, gently heal yourself out of the sadness. I use the word heal here because just like a physical wound hurts, so does it hurt to be depressed. As the would heals, the pain goes. As the cause of your “unknown” depression disappears, the depression (or the pain) disappears.

I hope this video has been useful to you! Please let me know in the comments section below if it has been useful. Also, have you checked out our Facebook page yet? Please give us a Like because I share exclusive quotes, videos, inspiration and photos from our live events on Facebook which I don’t share anywhere else.

Thank you and lots of LOVE!

xo Ritu


  • Vlog w/ wisdom! Thx @rituashrafi for vulnerability and tips to “de-funk” + self-love #unlocklove #inspiredlife

  • Iris says:

    That’s awesome, I need to try that. I have a habit of doing anything BUT sit and ask myself what’s bothering me. Distractions do take your mind off things and buys time, but sure as hell don’t get you any closer to feeling better.

  • noellenotals says:

    This is a wonderful reminder on how I must be kind to myself and not underestimate the effects of criticizing myself. Thanks for this vlog Ritu!

  • Ritu Ashrafi says:

    Thank you for the lovely comments ladies! @Iris, keep those distractions in check. Stop, drop and meditate when things get overwhelming, that’s what works for me.

  • Sandy says:

    Very nice. thank you for sharing. I am a 64 yr old woman and I pulled my self out of a 4 year depression. Glad you got a handle, and so young. I started telling myself that what ever is making me so sad and hopeless is something so close to me I cannot see it. Long story short, after much research and working on trying to find the source of my deep sadness I discovered I did not have proper support persons in my life. I had been working alone in my careers for many years, spending my days alone, working and really, that is your life, your day time hours working those many hour working. One needs to have a good support system, a couple true friends who let you be you and like you the way you are, who will listen to you, and you gotta be there for them too. Someone to watch your back and you watch there. Do not allow yourself to be isolated. We are pack animals and dna history, very cellular structure of millions of years is geered to make us be in a tribe or pack so to survive. To make sure we do that, we get pain, emotional pain which is really telling you….”get with the pack so to keep out of danger.”
    I think it is very important for females to have a very close female friends,s good friend who listens. Men need a man friend I think. One needs to also help others. That’s what I found out. The modern world forces us to move away from our villages for work. We become isolated without true bonded relationships in our daily lives, some of us. The happiest people have family, lots of family and they get together. Those people live longer too. So make your own bonded relationships so to be your family or tribe if you do not have family. It will help a lot. Isolation can cause early dementia.

    • Ritu Ashrafi says:

      Hi Sandy! Thank you for such a beautiful, open & honest comment. May I repost it as a blog post? I think what you said is so powerful it deserves its own space. XXO

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