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Bloomberg posted this article about how meditation can benefit you to calm your mind AND body. I was joking with a friend earlier this year that meditation has actually made my cellulite go away but I think there is a point to that. This article shows the physical benefits of meditation on a biological level.

I tell my students in my meditation classes about how brainwaves are affected by meditation and how we can actually influence our brainwaves to work in our favour by using meditation techniques in the Simply Meditation form. And now, Harvard would agree with me.

If you live in the UK and want to learn how to meditate in London, email me at I’m starting a course in the second week on January 2014 and accepting only 6 students. If you are not in London and still want to learn, sign up for my online meditation course on this link to learn meditation in 2014 online.

Read the full article on the Bloomburg website.

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