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You mind is subject to gravity. Just as “what goes up, must come down”, your mind can go up sending you high and then crash low, bringing you down – along with your self-esteem, your mood, your energy, your spirit.

From a spiritual point of view, you can conquer gravity and stop its affects on your mind! 

The first step is to control the mind. Can you tell me how to control your mind? Have you tried to do this? For example, when you receive poor service at a restaurant and your mind wants to lash out at the waitress, do you catch it and behave nicely to her anyway? Or, when your husband says something to you in a funny tone and your mind instantly wants to go on the defense and snap back at him, are you able to stop yourself from getting angry at him for “accusing” you and acknowledge that maybe, it’s just a misunderstanding and he never intended to be hurtful?

How to fight gravity from affecting your mind?

Keep your mind high and don’t let it come down low to the ground. Don’t indulge feelings, emotions and thoughts that are lower vibe – like jealousy, empty pride and aggression.

Practice positivity. Literally, practice it. Like a math exercise, when you have an opportunity to get negative, practice being positive. No need to fake it, just try it. If it doesn’t feel good, then postpone your practice till the next opportunity arises.

Do you have any more ideas to add here of how to control the mind? Let me know in the comments and I will expand the post to include them.




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