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Hey lady, when was the last time you went on a date? When was the last time you let yourself indulge? When was the last time you were the recipient of undivided attention from someone you like? When was the last time that both the giver and recipient of this attention was YOU?

I love romance. I love surprise flowers, lovingly cooked dinners, movie dates, cute presents, nice messages left on post-its, coffee dates and loving attention. I believe that all these things are essential to my happiness and contentment. I also believe that all these things should not come from a guy. It should come from me, to me.

Every girl deserves romance and every girl deserves to know that the source of the romance need not be a guy. In fact, it is better when it comes from yourself. Why shouldn’t she be able to create some romance in her own life, on her own? Here are some ideas:

  • Pick a “romantic” restaurant to have dinner with your girlfriends in
  • Go to the cutest coffee shop in the neighbourhood not with your boyfriend but with your book, notebook and pen
  • Visit the grocery store, buy sublime ingredients and cook a fabulous dinner for yourself
  • Buy yourself chocolate
  • Pick up a bouquet of your favourite flowers for your desk
  • Take a long bubble bath with candles and all
  • Go on a shopping spree to the bookstore or the stationary store

The list goes on and on. What would add to it? Add it then do it. There are a few rules though.

Your Rules for Romance

Step 1: Schedule at least one hour for a date with yourself.

Step 2: Put it in your Calendar. It is just not real until it is in your calendar.

Step 3: Let the people who might interrupt you know that you are out of reach during this time. Tell the BF to leave you alone for this time, tell you mom not to call you in this hour and don’t engage in text messages or calls that will take away from your date.

Step 4: Go and indulge! Fully, without guilt. You deserve this.

Step 5: Reflect on how this made you feel. Remember the fuzzy feelings and comfort from your uninterrupted self romance time. Remember the butterflies you got when you suddenly felt the excitement and love you can only feel when you have a revelation, if this happened on your date. Take note of how you behaved towards others after giving yourself total love and attention, care and affection. I can bet money that you will suddenly have more of this to give to the people around you.

A little extra dedicated and exclusive time for yourself will do the World good. Isn’t that enough reason to have a romance with yourself? Tweet this.

I urge you to make a date with yourself and put it in your diary. In the comments below, write what you would add as date ideas. Also check out my own self-date that I am planning which I put onFacebook. I want to hear yours too!

Lots of love,



(Image from my Instagram! Plus a little Pixlr magic.)

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