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I had one of the best nights of my life last week. A huge part of that evening was Miss Lisa Campbell, the founder of Yotopia. Here’s a little blurb about the fabulous lady:


Lisa’s Story

Career accomplishments, incredible income, industry success – Lisa had it all in the Finance industry while working in The City in London. She worked her ass off through her 20s, achieved every professional milestone she set her eyes on and yet she found something was missing. This feeling lead her searching out her Calling and after a lot of work and facing her biggest challenges, she left the Finance world to start a successful Yoga Studio in the heart of Central London. Lisa will share her story and talk about how she found her own Calling and just what it took to make her dream come true.

At the Find Your Calling Event, Lisa spoke about the fear she had to face to make the biggest transition of her life: to leave her corporate job. She spoke about the exact things that helped her to face these fears. I learnt so much from her that evening about courage, about faith and about how the Universe supports US. 

I share the three main things I learnt in this video.

I want to hear about any transition that you have coming up. I mean, 2014 is 11 weeks away! You must have a big change coming up that is (maybe…?) bringing up a bit of anxiety in you. Spill the beans here and it will feel like the first step towards preparing for this transition.

Looking forward to reading about your big transition!



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  • Ritu,

    Love the advice Lisa gave in the workshop! We’ve got to “Look it in the Face”! Signs come in all different ways (so true!) and in my life I’ve started to notice them all around me. In a way those signs lets me know that I’m on the right track. When we are on the right track we can feel it and it feels amazing. The anticipation of something BIG coming! When we are on the right track, things start to fall in place.

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